Thursday, 3 July 2014

Good Software QA engineer

What makes a good Software QA engineer?
A good QA engineer has same qualities as well as a tester has .So it can be say a tester may be a good QA. They must be able to understand how software development process can fit into the business approach and goals of the organization. Effective communication skills and the ability to understand vital sides of an important issue .for implementing QA process patience and way of thinking or analyzing are especially needed .must have the ability of an counter problems and have deductive qualities to find missing gap and defects.

What makes a good QA or Test manager?
A good QA, test, or QA/Test(combined) manager should:
-knowledge of software development is must.
-must a good team player which maintain enthusiasm of their team and maintain decorate positive atmosphere.
-to increase the productivity QA engineer must focus the whole team work.
-make the good communication bridge and cooperation between software test and QA engineer.
-always ready to work in under pressures and never say no un till it is not management decision or not get closing of functional & code coverage to a certain point & not meet the quality standard.
-having good decision making and judgement skill.
-having good presentable skills to run meetings.

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