Saturday, 28 June 2014

Why Anchor Text needed for Optimization?

Basically anchor texts are behaving as like hyperlinks but there are little difference in hyperlink and anchor text. Hyperlinks can be use anywhere on any word to connect it to another page or location. There is no compulsion of whatever the word is. For example you put an arrow sign with link of the other page so its just a hyperlink. Anchor text always gives the value to Brand name and Keywords.
In more details, There are two types of Anchor links Bad links and good links.
Bad Anchor Text: When a link text is not giving any kind of information about the linked page. For example, click here, learn more, # and more.
Good Anchor Text: Those links which are showing the Brand name, Keyword, exact match with the article, Phrase etc are Good links. These links always increase your content value and page value, also beneficial to get good scores by Search engines.

We have to know more about bad anchor text.
Spammy Anchor text: These anchor texts are those kind of links which are actually visible but not available, just for the illusion and these kind of techniques comes under Black Hat SEO but these kind of efforts giving minus points to your website. These links are not valid for search engines. Many of these links counts in broken links.
Broken Links: Those links which were working in the past and now these are deleted. Some links which didn't created but uses for future creation and at the time of update the article we forget to update those links.

Major benefits of Anchor text in SEO:
  1. Helpful to increase back-links
  2. Search Engines easily connect with the Brand and keyword.
  3. Helpful to get the targeted keywords
  4. Easy to collect the exact information about the Phrase.

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