Monday, 20 January 2014

Why Testing required before SEO

Why Testing required before SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

First question is what is SEO,SEO is search engine optimization.
It helps you reach target audience during web search. But, have you done testing of your website? If answer is no, It will not help you.
Example, if you create a banner, website and etc. and this is not visible properly when user search topic in website user not able to give exact result
If user try to open some page and it give you some error, In this condition, it will give a bad impression in font for your target customer and you are not able to convert this into lead.
Some cases choose wrong colour combination also destroy your business. If users are not able to see the word and article in the website. He will not going to purchase product and services.
Testing will help you to identify your problem before customer feel or face. Recent year. You have listed Honda recall 1000 cars due to manufacture defect and loss million’s dollar.

Before loss your valuable money consider for testing.

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