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From LoadRunner Firewall Server Performance Monitoring

The Fire wall server’s online monitor measures the executions of a Firewalls server during scenarios execution, which enables discontinuity of server’s performance choke points.
The Check Point of FireWall-1 monitor displays statistics about the resource usage on Check Point's Fire Wall during the scenario executions
In this chapter involves:
Configure setup for Monitoring .
Adding Machine to the Monitor
Configuring the Checks Point FireWall-1 Server Monitors
Check Point FireWall-1 Performance Counters
Settings up the Monitoring atmosphere
To obtain performance data, you must activate the Firewall server monitor (before executing the scenario) & indicates which statistics or measurements you required to monitor.

Adding Machine to the Monitor
In manner to monitor the Check Point FireWall-1 resource of a specific machine from the Controller, you required adding the machine & the mensuration’s that you need to a monitor.

Add a machine to the Controller’s:
1 Clicks on the Check Point FireWall-1 graphs in the graph’s tree, and pull it into right pane of the execute view.
2 Right click on the graph or selects the Add Measurements, & clicks in anywhere on the graph or choose Monitors > Add Measurements. The Check Points FireWall-1 dialog box is open.
In the Monitored Server Machines section, click Add. The Add Machine dialog box opens.
3 Enters the server name & IP address of the machine you requires to a monitor.
Selects the platform on which the machines runs, & clicks on OK.
Note: You can specify a machine name or port number in the Add Machine dialog box using the following format:
<Machine name> :< port number>
4 In Resource Measurement’s section of Check Point FireWall-1 dialog box, clicks on Add.
5 Continue with the Configuring of the Check Point FireWall-1 Server’s Monitor below.

Configuring the Check Points of the FireWall-1 Server Monitor’s
To monitor of the Check Points FireWall-1 servers, you must selects the counters, you requires the Check Point of FireWall-1 server monitor to measure (from the Controller). You can select these counters used with the Check Points FireWall-1 SNMP Resources dialog box.
To configures the Check Point FireWall-1 server monitor:
1 The Check Points of the FireWall-1 SNMP instrument (resources) dialog box is open.
2 Browse the FireWall-1 Objects list or select the measurements you required to the monitor, same as explained in “Understands the Checkpoint FireWall-1 Dialog Box”.
For an explanation of the present measurements, see “Check Point FireWall-1 Performance Counters” .
3 Add all the desired resources to the list, and click Close.
4 Click OK in the Check Point FireWall-1 dialog box to activate the monitor.
Improving the Level of Measurement in information.
You can improve the steps of measurement of information for the Check Point FireWall-1 monitor through enabling the measurements with the string of the values to be listed (in addition to measuring with the numeric values), & through enabling the name of the modifiers (which displaying the string of the values as an identifying a part of measurements name).
In the following examples of measurements use the name of the modifier and the string value of the Processes Name (sched) are displayed in addition to its example ID (0):
To potentially this feature, add the following line to the <Load Runner root
folder>\dat\monitors\snmp.cfg files:
Usages Note: You can select more or more name of modifiers, but in the first hierarchy, it will be used. Each time the Check Point FireWall-1 is Add.
Measurements dialog box opens, the information is re-read from the snmp.cfg files. You cannot add the same measurement twice (once with the name of modifier or once without it). If you do so, an error messages is issued.

Understanding the Check Point FireWall-1 Dialog Box
The Check Points of the FireWall-1 dialog box, let's you select the Check Point FireWall-1 server resources to monitor by the using of Simple Network's Management Protocols (SNMP).
Check Point FireWall-1 SNMP Objects. Select all required object or clicks on Add. Click Explains for the ID number or a description of the selected objects.
Explains. Displaying a explanation of selected objects.

Note: The Check Points of the FireWall-1 monitor can only monitors to the 25 measurements.

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